Friday 1 March 2013

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Krishna Curry House

      Krishna Curry House now at D-G;E-G Jalan SS9A/19 Seri Setia Section 51A has operated as a South Indian Banana Leaf Restaurant from November, 1987 at jalan 222 Petaling Jaya.

          It is well known for its unique and tasty food with a Malaysian flavour making amongs the most sorted out food outlets in  the Klang Valley area.

       The restaurant carries out its business activities with the objective of offering food-loving customers from all walks of life, fresh, tasty and valuable South Indian food.

Quality Of Food

             Apart from the fact that the restaurant has loyal customers dating back to 25 years who still enjoy our food, in july, 2008 Krishna Curry House also won tops in an SMS contest conducted by Star Publishing Sdn Bhd for the best banana leaf cuisine.

            Customers can still enjoy a wide selection of freshly cooked dishes . Amongst the most popular being mutton in claypot with bone marrow, varuval, stuffed crabs in shell, stuffed sotong with the chef's unique recipe and fish head served hot in claypot.

            There are also many other mouth watering dishes which is displayed at the bain marie, Visitors can also choose varities of seafood, chicken, quail, for instant fry

Rice is served in fresh banana leaf and you can choose between par boiled (india rice) or white rice

The Banana leaf set consists of rice, two kinds of vegetable, one salad, 3 types of condiments and papadam. Customers can request for rasam (spicy soup) and moru (sour milk) also.


             Krishna Curry House is now located along at jalan SS9A/19 Seri Setia section 51A Petaling Jaya. It faces jalan SS9A/14 linking Cycle and Cariage and Sungei Way police station. There it has  enough seating for 200 px including covered area at the rear of the block.



Monday 25 February 2013

Fiery pick-me-upper

The banana leaf spread has never failed to lift sagging spirits, especially when one is having a disagreeable day.

A BANANA leaf is slapped right in front of you and before you can say go, steam from the freshly cooked rice wafts around for a second or two before your nostrils twitch at the long-awaited aroma of the curries and meat varuval (dry masala).
The banana leaf spread has never failed to lift sagging spirits, especially if one is feeling a little down or just having a disagreeable day.
The five senses awaken at the mention of a banana leaf meal. Yes, the banana leaf meal is definitely a pick-me-up as one anticipates a good and fiery mixture of the thick curries, dry curried chicken or mutton and a freshly fried fish still sizzling while it reaches your single-use banana leaf plate.
Perky spread: The banana leaf meal is definitely a pick-me-up as one anticipates the tantalising mixture of thick curries, meat and salads.
This was evident when our SMS service returned quite a number of recommendations with Krishna Curry House in Jalan P.P. Narayanan (formerly Jalan 222) coming out tops.
A visit to the restaurant found the friendly staff ever ready to serve customers promptly. Proprietor Puspa Rani Kunasingham started this little outfit 23 years ago after being persuaded by family and friends to do so as she was deemed a great cook who actually found pleasure cooking for her husband and three children daily.
The banana leaf spread here is, like in most places, like homecooked food, only with more choices. On any given day, you get three types of vegetables, the papadam (black pea crackers), mooru molahar (dried yogurt chillies) and a coconut chutney of either coriander or mint leaves or of some concoction, besides the lime or mango acar.
A visit to another banana leaf meal restaurant at Jalan Cantek in Section 5 Petaling Jaya was a pleasant surprise. Sri Paandi restaurant, which is located right next to the famous Raju’s banana leaf restaurant, was an authentic meal experience.
The chicken varuval, which I was assured would be good, was heavenly. The generous amount of spices on the dish was a good balance between spice and chilli.
Service was very good with piping hot fried fish and chicken landing on your table with the sizzling sound filling up the atmosphere.
A thumb’s up also for the restaurant’s clean and homey atmosphere.
But rest assured that whatever they serve, you will relish, as they will be tasty and palatable.
The vegetables are usually different on a daily basis and it is not something you can predict by looking at the menu as banana leaf meals are different from other meals – you are at the mercy of the cook or cooks who decide what they feel like cooking on a particular day.
Some of the usual vegetables that would feature in a banana leaf lunch are fried cabbage, spinach, curried chickpeas, spicy young bananas (valeka) and the most welcomed fried bitter gourds (paveka) and the more modern and easy vegetable would be fried bean sprouts, long beans and french beans.
Most of the vegetable dishes are quite elaborate as they incorporate legumes such as lentils, black peas, and beans.
The thing that really draws most people here to banana leaf meals are that the servings can be endless for a single price.
For as low as RM3.50, you are assured of a good vegetarian meal that is both satisfying to the stomach and the soul.
Don’t forget to ask for the health fortifying raasam, which is actually a mixture of spices such as fennel, asafoetida with shallots, garlic and black peppercorns, a little tumeric powder, sauted until aromatic in a bit of oil and tamarind water added to it. Tomatoes are often added to give the zing to this concoction.
For those who want to temper the fiery hot curries and dry masalas, try adding some tairu (yoghurt) into your meal and this helps to line your stomach to cushion the damage that too much chillies can do to your body.

Tuesday 19 February 2013


Krishna Curry House

Menu of Krishna Curry House

Ikan Tenggiri
mutton and chicken claypot

Banana Leaf

Curry Crab

Udang Sambal